In This New Year I Am Hoping for a Whole Bunch of Nothing

Things were never “the way they used to be.”

Things will never “be the way it is going to be.”

Things are always the way they are for the time being.

And the time being is always in motion.

Alexander Evangeli Xenopouloudakis

Found in “Words I Wish I Wrote” by Robert Fulghum

The only way out is forward and we can’t get there with our worn out tired ways of thinking and being in the world. We need to clear some space and let go of some of our baggage about what ought to be or should be and open some space for what we have not thought of yet. We need to dig a tunnel through the all those jetpack/time machine fantasy visions of the future and dreams of bringing back some mythological golden past was made up in our simplistic childhood minds, painted in the bold colors devoid of the hard and dirty details that make up adult life. Tunnels made of time spent in thinking with open minds and hearts that can look honestly at ourselves and the world. Somehow we have to be realistic outside of our cluttered boxes that are filled with the unrealistic and fear induced distractions we gather around us to cope with uncertainty. Life is just as uncertain with all the distractions; we are just not paying attention. This year I hope to clear my mind, life, and relationships of the unnecessary cobwebs and glitter and get down to what helps me make sense of my life living in the present. So I am hoping for less of all the filler that separates me from my small still voice of truth, that part of me that gives me insight and courage to move into the next moment with optimism and curiosity. I am hoping for a whole lotta nothin’ from now on and a happy new year everyday.

Happy New Year!

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