Fool’s Journey #2: A Beginning in the Middle

I know I am a fool and have no reason to believe that what I write here is in any way bound to any part of reality as anyone would perceive it, but this may be its value. Hopefully this meandering monologue will provide perspective on the general rabble of of actions and random occurrences that make up everyone’s experience in the world.

It is obvious to me that my life is a bit of fluff tossed on the winds of chance with little will or efficacy or guidance, though at times I fall prey to delusions of agency, some of which may be true but most likely much less than it seems to me. Being a conglomeration of multitudinous entities and competing and cooperative intelligences and processes, I have made haphazard plans of mistaken discovery and inadvertent fortune. I am always uncertain of the amount of personal influence I have over any good or bad outcomes, yet I persist in making plans and choosing directions and acting as any of this is within my control and I had the slightest idea of where I am actually headed and if I really want to be there when I arrive.

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2 Responses to Fool’s Journey #2: A Beginning in the Middle

  1. Studio Arago says:

    Thing is, we’re all in the same boat, but only a few realize it.

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