Tarot Journal #31: The Empress/ 9 of Wands (Strength)

Rising from Within

I went to look for apartments today. I found one in a good location at a price I can afford, and that made gave me a feeling that things are going to work out well. I will definitely have to pare down my possessions which is not a bad idea. I feel like traveling light from now on. I am bound to make some more changes in the next few years after this move. I am feeling like the present is opening into a time where I will be free to make some adjustments and choices that bring me closer to where I want my life to be.

As I walked on the hill in the forest, with all the birds and small furry creatures scurrying on their busyness, making nests and gathering from the abundance of the summer forest, I felt an expansion in my chest and mind as if I could rise off of the ground and have the power to make of my life what I want if I can just keep my mind from wandering into the darkness of fear of loss and failure. That does not mean I feel I can be without a plan. I just have the feeling that at some point I will decide my path and it will turn into the light of new possibilities. There will be shadows and problems to face, but at this point, I feel I will handle it all with creativity and courage.

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