Tarot Journal #43: Ten of Pentacles/Ace of Disks

Folding and Unfolding:

A Continuing Experiment in Perception and Experience

Lately I have been focused on a process of opening myself to the world in a way that includes a search for an authentic and mindful approach to living. I was perceiving this as a journey outward into the world as I incorporated rituals and practices which kept me in tune with connection with the complexities of who I am. Now I am readjusting my view of the process as a simultaneous unfolding and folding process like a multi-dimensional topological thought experiment where I occupy a location at the center of an infinite labyrinth while simultaneously experiencing myself and the universe as the labyrinth itself. I feel as if I am working on integrating the two experiences into one life. This is an infinite self-experiment of folding and unfolding, a way of viewing, moment by moment, my place as both the cosmos and a tiny interconnected piece of an inconceivably complex and undefinable whole. I can constantly exist at the beginning and end of my journey and by shifting my focus perceive all the steps in between. It does not matter where I am but what point of view I take and my ability to perceive the whole and my part in it. I am not sure what difference it makes in my life, but I do know the more I can widen my perception of the universe and my place in it the less I worry about the past and the future and the more I appreciate the infinite possibilities of each moment.

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