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Valarie Kaur: Forgiveness

Originally posted on Vox Populi:
Forgiveness is not forgetting: Forgiveness is freedom from hate. Two days after nine black people were massacred by a white supremacist in a historic black church in Charleston in June 2015, their family members showed…

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Originally posted on Larval Subjects .:
Leibniz really was right. We’re all points of view or windows on the universe. Or as Deleuze puts it, we’re possible worlds. The tragedy is we think we’re just seeing the universe, encountering it and…

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Tarot Journal #45: Seven of Swords (futility)/Knight of Disks

The Best Laid Plans “All theorizing is flight. We must be ruled by the situation itself and this is unutterably particular. Indeed it is something to which we can never get close enough, however hard we may try as it … Continue reading

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Tarot Journal #44: Six of Disks (success)/ The Lovers/6 of Wands (Victory)/Son of Flames/Ace of Cups (Beauty)/Ten of Swords/XIV Temperence

Approaching the Threshold My need to be alone is balanced against my fear of what will happen when suddenly I enter the huge empty silence if I cannot find support there. I go up to Heaven and down to Hell … Continue reading

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Yellow Tiger Swallowtails and the Dance of Summer

“Past the flannel plains and blacktop graphs and skylines of canted rust, and past the tobacco-brown river overhung with weeping trees and coins of sunlight through them on the water downriver, to the place beyond the windbreak, where untilled fields … Continue reading

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