Wonder World 1


“How do you to hold a hundred tons of water in thin air with no visible means of support: you build a cloud.”

Bob Ross, painter

Einstein was a man who could ask immensely simple questions.

Jacob Bronowski The Ascent of Man


The Ancient Invisible

There are bacteria buried deep in the sediment at the bottom of the ocean that produce methane. Nobody knows how long they live. It could be thousands of years or even much longer. They are frozen in methane and are spewed forth out of mud volcanoes only to fall back under the ocean and restart the process again. They could be as old as mountains and older than the oldest trees.

Learning by Cannibalism

If you teach one of a certain type of flatworm to navigate a maze, by the use of mild shocks, and then feed that one to another flatworm of the same species, the flatworm that ate the one that learned the maze will then know how to navigate the maze.

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