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2021 Graphic Journal #36: Sept 17- Sept 21

The Visitor #2: A Prequel

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Seeing Music in the Makers #4

the Beat is the Heart of Family

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Visions from Voice: A Song from Bulgaria

I don’t need to know the words of this song to be in love with it. I don’t need to see the singer. Her voice and the song is all I need to make beautiful images in my mind.

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The Best Places Fill You Up and Let You Go: A Note to Generations and The Community Around It

I am in Transition from preschool work into a career in physical therapy. Yesterday I said good-bye to the best job I have ever had and my favorite educational community. So many people impacted my life as a teacher, and … Continue reading

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My Bright Summer Made Winter by My Discontent

Last summer I was working 2 jobs, volunteering at the hospital so I could get into a training program for physical therapist assistant, and trying to keep my marriage together. I have not had a real vacation in, well, since … Continue reading

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