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NaNoWriMo Begins: Measuring Space and Time

National Novel Writing Month started yesterday and once again I am on board. I am not at all sure where this novel is headed. I have a vague cast of characters loosely organized tossed out like fortunetellers bones and stones. … Continue reading

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A Work in Progress #5: Somewhere East of the City

As I was not able to meet my friend the next day, I remember a conversation with a shaggy young grad student who had cornered me at an informal literary  function. “Man, you gotta get out in the country around … Continue reading

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Work in Progress #4: Failure of Memory

My friend stirs her drink some more, staring at the straw blankly. “They got us to Switzerland in ’39. I was 7 years old,” she says still looking at the straw. “My sister says by that time I was accompanying … Continue reading

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Work in Progress #3: A Circle of Dreams Part II

Standing in the brilliant cold sun, I grip the large golden ball of the door knob and twist. It is locked. The voice of a man speaking with care comes from behind me. “I know you asked for a pink … Continue reading

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Not Exactly NaNoWriMo

Every November for the last 5 years I have attempted to write a novel. I have succeeded once. I am still struggling to put this cumbersome piece of fiction into some kind of publishable order. I sat down in front … Continue reading

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Century #24: Arrival

From the journal of Ryan Tucker River Bend Academy of Art 8/21/1982   I have arrived, and settled into my room, which is small just big enough for an old military style metal bunk with a thin mattress and a … Continue reading

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Century #23: Listening For Visions

From the Journal of Lita Hopkins 6/12/30 Mr. Papandreus, the shepherd, and his wife, Nika, live up the hill. I hear his pipes as he and his youngest son play and sing the sheep down to the pens in the … Continue reading

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