The Dream Snake

The Dream Snake

I was living on an old military base where the buildings were all the same color, and clumped together in little developments of the same style. I went into my dark room to look for something. I dumped a box of old things on the bed, and I saw a movement. When I looked on the floor, black snake with yellow and white bands writhed by the foot of the bed. I bent down to see what I could do and it slithered away.

Later I came back to my dark room frantically searching through my things. A snake leaped at me, mouth open, but did not bite me. It wrapped itself around my neck. I was a little afraid, but part of me said, “How cool!” I went out to see how people would react. Some I knew would be driven away from me, and some would be drawn to me not for me but because of the snake.

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2 Responses to The Dream Snake

  1. Whew! I tried to look up an interpretation of this dream, but it’s too complicated. It could mean many things, but mostly, I think it somehow symbolizes that your novel is going to be fantastic, and your life will be happy!

  2. randomyriad says:

    My dreams usually defy interpretation. This one seemed a little Kafkaesque to me. I think my subconscious is toying with me sometimes.

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