What a Long Strange Year It Has Been

Illustrated World/ December 2010

This has been a year of great change around here, and probably for many families. Some years are just like that. I lost my job and found another one almost as good. My lovely wife graduated from nursing school and got an exciting part time job helping mentally ill people and then, just last week, got a full-time job in a long term care facility, which she is looking forward to starting on Monday. We moved all of our family(all 5 of us including the one who was living independently), into a three bedroom, one bath house, because for reasons not entirely clear our ex-landlord told us we had to move. Now, after my daughter moved into university housing and my oldest moved back out on his own, my wife, my youngest, and I are living in this much more pleasant house. It is much more urban and noisy, but we have no little furry creatures roaming our walls which are now actually insulated so winter doesn’t join us on the inside of the house. Our children have all made a big step into there adult lives in very positive ways. They continue to thrive and become people we like to be around and respect. That is probably enough to make this year a good year.

I am reading through my journal and posts from the last year to put things in proper order help me remember the little events that seemed big at the time. I think I will take the next 12 days to write a little about each month from my now perspective in order to put some closure on it all and feel the coming year flowing out of the past. I think it will be a great year. Although there are a few weird lingering affects staggering from the year that has been into our new one, the prospects for a good year are visible. I intend to approach this year in a cautiously positive way, and hope that works out. I think it will. I just know not to count on anything good or bad being as actually good or bad as it seems when I first come across it and to be open to learning from whatever comes along. I am starting this year with a thriving family, a good job, and a good attitude which if I can just keep it going will make a heck of a good year by my count.

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