Self-Experiment #8: a mixed bag to be continued

Self-Experiment #8/ Just The Beginning

I am a fairly open minded person and succeeded pretty much in not pre-judging or even falling into my old conceptions of people and things. I was able to see people I had worked with for a while in a new light. Also, I realized my job is not what is important. There are too many aspects of it that involve appearance over substance. What is important is how I move through my day and interact with the people I come into contact with. That is what counts for me and I hope for them as well. A little compassion goes a long way both for my attitude and my relationships.

But, I tell you what, it is so hard to maintain that sense of wonder and innocence while working in a place where co-workers and clients are under stress. Stress constantly leaks out into the world around them taking the shine off of moments that have such possibilities. Maybe I can put some of the shine back in the moments just by paying attention and learning from moment to moment how to maintain my sense of wonder and so shine a little myself.

There was nothing difficult or hard for me in it. I just didn’t get all the results I wanted today. I did manage to get through a tricky day with a nice feeling of optimism and very little stress, which is a minor miracle in itself. I will try again tomorrow.

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