From Toilets to Big Work Machines: Preschool Obsessions and Experiences

Two pile-drivers at the Towers at Capitol Mall...

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I have been so busy this week writing little responses to my preschool list. Today it was bathrooms and skyscrapers. Here is the skyscraper part. I will skip the one about bathrooms. I hear enough potty jokes everyday to last me forever. What can I say: it is where the action is for a lot of preschoolers. But they also get very excited about caterpillars, bubbles, and skyscrapers, about which we have many lively discussions making my job much less bathroom oriented, which is nice for me.

When I worked in Seattle we did a half year project on tall buildings and construction. We took the children to look at construction sites and up in a skyscraper. I don’t remember all of the documentation we did, but illustrated books was a big part of it along with a lot of sandbox, cardboard and block exploration. Another time there was a construction project just down the street from our daycare and we monitored the progress. Children noted the different big work machines used, and drew illustrations of them for a book. That was more of a side project as the girls at that time where into clothes design and modeling.

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