Naturally Artificial

If we are indeed part of nature then everything people make is part of nature. I think that we need to figure out what is useful and beautiful in people made things and what interferes with our lives. People are born to explore the world in all its complexities natural and artificial. Many of the art materials we use are not “natural”, but provide inspiration through color and form. We need to decide what materials are too costly and disruptive to our environment and how to use resources to make our lives better while not harming our world. Some of this involves using man made materials. Artificial is not necessarily bad. Natural is not necessarily good. Many toxins are natural and certainly we could not to go back to the time when everybody had to rely directly on nature to survive. There are too many people in the world. We just need to remember that we are part of an ecosystem that we rely on for survival and inspiration. We need to blend technology with nature and feel comfortable with both. It is the only way forward.

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