Pay No Attention to The Screaming Chickens

Change always brings with it fear and loathing for many, for example the weird behavior around health care reform. We are heading into some dangerous times because of peoples rigid ideas about the world need to loosen up, and that process makes some people a little crazy. When someone says maybe we should look at these problems and think about some solutions, some people usually run around screaming that the sky is falling. They are not able to get past the emotional stage of thinking to look at all the information carefully.

Eventually most good decisions are made with our emotions, but there needs to be a period of gathering evidence and internal and external debate and reasoning before humans can make good decisions about complex issues. A complex decision usually contains too much information for most people to sort through realistically, but if you supply the information to your brain by reading, listening, and participating in open minded discussion, often your brain can figure it out and give you the answer by the way you feel about it. The problem we are experiencing now is that there are so many people that are afraid to look at evidence or ponder the questions without fear. Fear is the thought killer and mind clouder. It is the bodies alarm system. Have you ever tried to do any kind of reasoning when there are sirens and bells and red flashing lights. It is almost impossible to think when your mind is telling you run and hide or fight.

What we need is a little leadership from people in the media and politicians. They need to tone down the partisan rhetoric and fear mongering so people can digest some information. Otherwise we will have a bunch of Chicken Littles in hard hats screaming about things that they are too afraid of the sky to look up and see if it is falling or not. This kind of behavior usually incites other crazy behavior and pretty soon you have people with guns and explosives claiming to have the answer and it involves some kind of violence against some vague group. History is full of this. Hopefully not this time. Hopefully people can stop and think and look around and not listen to the screamers. Screamers are usually wrong because they can only hear the sirens going off  in their own heads.

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