The Dead Do Not Weep

The sounds of sorrow, pain and horror;

sighs, moans, shrieks, and howls,

can be the sounds of joy, rapture and ecstasy.

Laughter can be an expression of happy surprise

or vicious derision

Light can be enlightenment

or the harsh glare of inquisition.

Fire can be a warming blaze

or the purging flames of apocalypse.

Darkness can mean deep restful sleep,

The absence of light,

or oblivion.

Good is not always kind,

Evil not always cruel.

Benevolent agents often have to resort to hard measures

To procure an outcome that is in the end very beneficial.

People who do very bad things in the world

can be quite charming and friendly at times.

For some who are living, horror and despair

Cannot be escaped without death.

No one knows what happens next,

And yet many people die

Because they believe so strongly

In the words and ideas of those

Who are certain.

But not because of curiosity,

Because they would sacrifice their life

To cleanse the world of other ideas.

“Sister, why do you still mourn?”

“Because my brother is dead.”

“Surely he is in hell.”

“Oh, but I am sure my brother is in heaven.”

“Then why do you mourn?”

Maybe, death is only sad for living.

We must all mourn the survivors,

gaze softly on the puzzles of life,

and embrace each other.

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