Everything Is Up in the Air and Coming Down Fast

I have just finished my new improved resume, and now I look around at the havoc that is my home in the midst of the moving process. It looks like a giant picked my house up and shook it like a snow globe. Come to think of it my life is little like that too.

I was summoned to a meeting Wednesday night and given two weeks notice, and though I have been told I will get paid for this month, I am not sure what hat they are going to pull that rabbit out of. Did mention that we are  moving. My wife is going to take her nursing boards tomorrow. She will get a job after she passes, no problem. I am not so sure about my prospects., but hey, there is always unemployment. Come to think of it, maybe this is more like juggling snow globes while on roller skates going down a steep hill with the giant at the bottom waiting for me. Maybe he’s a friendly giant.

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