Ink and Vellum

I have been working on two pieces in various inks on transparent vellum. I scanned them in both color and gray scale, and combined them by scanning them stacked. I will let you sort out which is which.


The one above was scanned through the blank side of the paper.

I have been experimenting with adding more color to this series.

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2 Responses to Ink and Vellum

  1. Fred says:

    These drawings are wonderful – layered like cabbages, evocative like aromas.

    • randomyriad says:

      As I am drawing I react to each new line and try to see how it relates to the lines already there. It is a process of constant surprise and intrigue. I try to let the medium and tools guide me without a preconceptions as to the final product. After a while I start to make some conscious decisions but I still allow the piece to reveal itself to me until I feel it is finished. I see them as the equivalent to poetry in writing, but drawing is so much a different process. I never wrestle with lines like I do with words.

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