Sketches and Scratches

This is the outside of my current pocket sketch and scratch journal. I carry it with me everywhere. The cover will be a work in progress until I use the last page just like my other journals.

Lately I am in a more picture/less word space.

I think this is because I am adjusting to a new schedule and have been sick: scribbling shapes is much easier than organizing slippery and uncooperative thoughts into words.

I have spiral notebook of lined paper for my longer winded half baked thoughts, but that is not as nice to look at.

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2 Responses to Sketches and Scratches

  1. When words won’t cooperate, I switch to sketching too. Hope you are feeling better, my friend.

  2. randomyriad says:

    All that memorizing of body parts and process in anatomy and physiology has slowed down my usual gush of words, but the part of my brain that focuses on visual creativity is quite active. As to my roller coaster of a year my little gondola is clicking up at the moment. I hope you are on the rise as well.

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