May Travels Like a Poem Through Me/ Journal Entries of May 2012: Part 2


Two Poems:


    Braided Leather Belt

Belted braid beer belly Jelly jar

Incandescent light bulb hub cap slab

Mud blood bedbug meat slug

Slag bag big box hardware sign

 sapling thrasher smashing slasher

lush mush bushwhacker blush

cornhusker busker bin

Let them in cotton gin

Let’s begin again


Spring Triangle Down at the Lake

Red plastic tackle box closed to the sun

Fishers stand in the shade

Of new leaves




2 Dreams:

1. He picks her up and carries her south toward London, running like superman as the whole of England’s fields spread out before them. The other two had more modest skills like cleaning up liquids without getting wet.

2. Everyone in the lobby stands so still.

“The veterans are our only wanderers,” the nurse informs me as I check in. Later a clatter in the corner wakes me.

“Whose that!” I shout.

Her back is to me. I see a red sweater and long black hair.

“Who is that!”

She turns, and arms moving like pinwheels beside her pale face, she speeds from the room.

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2 Responses to May Travels Like a Poem Through Me/ Journal Entries of May 2012: Part 2

  1. Part 1 is very mouthy. I have to say it out loud to roll it around properly.
    (And when her arms moved like pinwheels, I had to shudder.)

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