Writing and Thinking While Catching Up With My email

I have to write to figure out what’s going on in my mind. My processes are so opaque, I can’t see the wheels spinning or see how the gears fit together or which direction they are headed. I need to write in order to clear the condensation from the glass or I walk around all fogged up. The glass is definitely two-way because I usually am looking at myself looking out and looking in.

If you are writing, you are learning, always learning about yourself and your limits. Don’t be too hard on yourself, simply note what you want to change and go about the work. I am not a good example as I just write what I want and whenever, but writing is the key. When I write more I write better.

There is so much pressure to be clever and ever roaming the widening fields of social media that we get outside of who we are in reality. We are creating virtual selves that only correlate to our actual selves. I think a lot of people are living like ghosts, haunting the virtual borders of their lives and not inhabiting their concrete reality in a meaningful way. I feel this way sometimes and I don’t even tweet.

Like most adults you and I are mercifully incapable of comprehending the weirdness of the developing mind. Not that I would want to see a lot of what goes on in adults minds either. I think it is just a good idea to leave the light off in there and hope the monsters don’t get out.

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