Willie Nelson Dream Song

This song played on the car radio in my dream. Willie Nelson was singing.The tune was similar to “Me and Bobby McGee”. I wanted to turn it up, but, you know how dreams work, you can never find the volume control or any control when you want it.

10 miles out of Abilene,

I stopped to look around 

at the desert and the night.

I got up on the hood

and lay back to see the stars

spread out and shining bright.

All around the ground shone back.

 I felt my edges fade away.

And I knew everything was going to be alright.


Where is my big lonely place

where all my problems seem so small?

Everything that went on before

doesn’t mean a damn

just pictures and sounds along the street.

When I drive away from here

more life is out ahead

But I’ll get there at my own chosen speed.

Willie would probably write it better, but it sounded good on the dream car radio.

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