As I Come Upon a New Year

I have been reading through my notes and scribblings from this almost finished year and, as I have done in the past, I am editing and framing with an intent to hang them up for viewing. I am always at least a little surprised at what I have written and left because the crazy pace of life tends to pull me away before I have a chance to complete a thought or examine my early morning/late night journal entries. Now that I have a few unscheduled minutes in between work and PTA training, I have a chance not only to write some new stuff, but also polish up previous raw material into hopefully presentable condition. In the next few weeks, I will be publishing some new poems and odds without ends (endless odds?) and maybe a few doodly doodads and photos as well.  Here is my first installment from a journal entry in January.

Chiaroscuro Prayer

I am an archive of treasure.

My memories and experience overflow

into my present,

spilling gems and coins 

clattering and sparkling about.

When will I realize every life has worth,

even in failure and remorse,

even in dire tragedy.

Even as rough faces fade with time,

every shadow shapes the light into a form

 which can be deciphered and known.

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