Why I Write: Today’s Version

When I write for writing’s sake, I write as exploration, to see what I will say. Most of my mind, that part of my existence that thinks, is a mystery to me and writing helps me gather evidence about what I am up to in the vast uncharted territory that is my semiconscious and unconscious, pre and post conscious process. Writing is a process that helps me, and is usually inadequate at, shedding some light on what is going on in the shadows. If I am being honest in my writing process, I usually come out with some interesting theories and clues as to where my thinking is headed and maybe a little bit of an idea as to my motivations for doing what I do in my life. Sometimes I am just having fun with words. Words are fun and interesting, and I like to play with them sometimes, but that adds to my ability to use them in more serious ways as well. Writing is a way to make a model of something that can’t be put into words, like making a model of DNA. DNA does not actually look like the model, but the model is a very simplified representation of the structure and process of DNA. Writing is like that for me, a process that illuminates, and sometimes confuses, parts of my living thought that I do not completely understand. This paragraph Is a good example of what I am talking about. I usually end up back where I started with a little more insight, but more questions than when I started.

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