Living in Limbo on Lummi Island: Walking, Working, and Waiting


I am in work limbo and living with a good friend on Lummi Island while I wait for paperwork to start my new job in Lacey. I am working temporarily with my lovely friends big and little at Generations, my favorite teaching job ever. If I could do physical therapy here I would just stay in Bellingham, but still no jobs for new PTA’s here.


Lummi Island is a perfect place to walk even on a blustery day with dashes of rain.



This is church beach looking out at the San Juan Islands. It is made of rocks of diverse sizes, colors, shapes and textures. I spent a while arranging them in a pile. I lose all sense of time and pressure in activities like this. It connects with all my senses, being on the beach with sound of waves washing up and back, the feel of balancing the stones, and rich random patterns and textures.




The ferry is a barrier. I have to time my departures and arrivals or wait for the boat. I don’t mind most of the time. It makes me slow down a little and take time to think. I listen to my audio book, or just use the time to feel the space of my life. I am waiting anyway in the larger picture of my life for a permanent residence and work. Waiting for the ferry seems so much more concrete and connected to the present. I spend the time to bring myself back into the present, which is a beautiful place rich with sounds, sights, smells and feelings.


All of this and the clouds are amazing in this part of the world in the fall.

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