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2021 Graphic Journal #36: Sept 17- Sept 21

The Visitor #2: A Prequel

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Non-sequential Autobiography of an Inchoate Semipermeable Interactive Conglomerate Collective Entity #1

(All My Life) Trying to Fill A Person Shaped Hole in the World One Evening Child My whole being drawn Inward toward A Sheltering Skin Curled inside a pillowcase Naked Under Control Sticks and Twigs Boy with Shock of white … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamed Roy Rogers died…

Originally posted on The First Gates:
Roy Rogers was my first boyhood hero. For a time, around the age of three or four, I refused to answer to “Morgan,” insisting that my parents call me Roy. Me as Roy, probably…

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Incantations: The Magic of Reading Aloud

      The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (Lovecraft cover art) by Gervasio Gallardo (b. 1934) I have read this very strange novel to myself and once to my then 3 year son, who loved it when I read him anything. I have … Continue reading

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Another April Poem

A Drift Everything then was falling apart and coming together simultaneously, situations bleeding noiselessly, the saturation of  wicking colors through beige fibers suddenly impacted by  metal and glass screaming to a halt bodies flying in all directions trying to land … Continue reading

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