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Rachel Carson: The Beauties and Mysteries of the Earth

Originally posted on Vox Populi:
The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.?–? It is a curious situation that the sea, from…

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Tarot #3: Science, the gleaming razor of reason guided by the pattern of the interconnected web of nature

Let us aim for the heart of truth. Sharpening the swords of our intellect to cut away confusion and flabby fear with the light scalpel and gleaming razor of reason. We are all part of a web that contains all … Continue reading

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Science, Silence and the Sound of Spirit

Two Poems by Jane Hirshfield   ON THE FIFTH DAY On the fifth day the scientists who studied the rivers were forbidden to speak or to study the rivers. The scientists who studied the air were told not to speak of … Continue reading

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How Not to Die and Live More Healthily

In my work as a PTA, I am confronted daily with consequences of unhealthy diets and over reliance on medications for symptoms caused by life style choices. I am not judging people who make these choice for the reason that … Continue reading

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The Endless Curiosity of Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks was a completely unique and fascinating person on a passionate quest to understand the human experience in a scientific and empathetic way. One of my heroes, the world is a little less interesting without his continued explorations. Listening to … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and Dinosaurs

I am fascinated by the way scientifically minded people approach the world as well as the things they discover and ponder. Krista Tippett asks some very insightful questions which produces a stimulating discussion about what goes on in Lisa Randall’s mind when … Continue reading

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1982: Science in Songs


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