Supporting a Wave of Creativity

The arabesque is, rather obviously, not a position that can be held for any prolonged length of time. Balanced on the tip of one foot, the ballerina gives her audience a momentary glimpse of the arabesque, and then she is gone. But the impression of an effortless grace, produced by the precisely controlled relationships of arms, hands, legs, body, and head, remains like the pure clear sound of a single flute note, flashed across space in an instant.

Perhaps it is the memory of a beautiful moment that is as important as the moment itself. Who of us has not experienced the bittersweet recollection of a perfect moment and has not hungered to have it back? It will not return, but one always can—perhaps one always should—look eagerly for the next arabesque.

Donald Elliott, Frogs and the Ballet from Alec Nevala-Lee

Perhaps we need to, as much as we can, work toward inspiring each other and ourselves to create these moments of pure joy and flow no matter what form they take. If we push the people in our lives toward the things that feed the sense of agency that comes from actions that carry others forward as well then a wave can start, and that wave can carry us all to a place where everyone matters and no one is left behind. But the important first step is creating a society that values creative attempts at moving toward joy and acceptance and away from divisive judgement. Judgement in itself is not bad- it is just when we judge people and ideas in a superficial unthinking way that damages the delicate framework of society that supports creative endeavors. In the coming year lets support everyone’s efforts at creating a more joyful, inclusive human society, and maybe we can start solving some of the problems we all face.

This is a beautifully arranged musical arabesque that inspired me. from Immortal Jukebox.

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