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3 Ways to Master the Beat


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Tarot #43: Change, balanced and harmonious transition or transformation.

The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless. Alan Watts This represents changes that occur in the flow of passive and active elements that maintain the balance in the universe. If you pay … Continue reading

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Supporting a Wave of Creativity

The arabesque is, rather obviously, not a position that can be held for any prolonged length of time. Balanced on the tip of one foot, the ballerina gives her audience a momentary glimpse of the arabesque, and then she is … Continue reading

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River of Dreams #12: Fire Dance on the Endless Plain

Chapter 2 From Fire to Forest Random crouched in the middle of a crossroads. Two paths extended straight disappearing into the horizon four directions away from the spot where he stood. The land was flat as far as he could … Continue reading

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A More Successful To Do List

This is a list of things I am usually successful at getting done every day that make my life better. Sing out loud or make some music Dance a little Make someone laugh or smile Do something nice for someone … Continue reading

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