Thoughts and Images of April


Misremembered Movie From a Dream

A talent show, Sing!, but with real people instead of cartoon animals.

This feeling that I had been somewhere, but it was a different place. 



I am forming a project to examine the layers of existence and consciousness. The sign on the door reads “Philosophy”.  I am using words now so that is what it says. I am not sure what it means. I don’t intend to know anything.


The part of me that is aware and responsive to this body cannot comprehend the complex interrelations, the chemical/electrical physics that creates a living being. So much easier to use words, pillows of symbols to lay down covering the messy processes of constant negotiation inside the living surfaces and that take place on the surface as I move through the atmosphere and connect and disconnect with objects that occupy the part of the planet I inhabit, where each moment is filled with miracles of horror and elegance beyond imagination. Just glimpses of the whole mess bring on both nausea and awe, overwhelming the perceiver, each lifetime so filled with the infinite and the infinitesimal lives and connected in a chain to the utter beginning and ending of all things. Can I hold this tiny piece of awareness for one second? 


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