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Tarot #45: Prince/Knight of Swords, creative intellect without roots

A person who has creative intelligence with no grounding in practical application and/or lacking life relationship building skills or has no interest in these.  You should examine your relationships with the people who are involved in your life to determine … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Images of April

Misremembered Movie From a Dream A talent show, Sing!, but with real people instead of cartoon animals. This feeling that I had been somewhere, but it was a different place.    I am forming a project to examine the layers … Continue reading

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Poems of April 2018 #2

Transfer He was misleading  The two women about his father’s ability to care for himself. He feared they would not take such a helpless man.   Dis-integration All this world wants of me is everything consumed, from beginning to end,  … Continue reading

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How Not to Die and Live More Healthily

In my work as a PTA, I am confronted daily with consequences of unhealthy diets and over reliance on medications for symptoms caused by life style choices. I am not judging people who make these choice for the reason that … Continue reading

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Five Days In January

January 7, 2012 I sit at my desk and read “The Pill versus the Springhill Mine Disaster” by Richard Brautigan, all at  once without a break, 102 poems, short easy to engage with like comfort food. I have read these … Continue reading

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Year in Review: January 2010

I My Life My year started with watching part of Poltergeist II with my heart broken daughter (all that is fixed now). There is a point when you just can’t hear the name “Carole Anne,” called in a quavery voice … Continue reading

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Anatomy: A Personal Tour #4

I Examining the Lower Body Down to the Toes Knead a round cheek of the buttocks with the whole hand. Feel for the large muscles and bones under the muscle. Move the leg up and down to feel the muscles … Continue reading

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