Tarot #2: Swiftness, focused energy from emanating from the center


Fire and destruction focused into light and electricity passing through one point simultaneously. 

concentration of will into a task initially driven by destructive or passionate impulses. 

It is the time to use the power of compassion to focus anger and hurt into direct acts of communication and ride the waves of disturbance from chaos into enlightenment and balance.

If only I could move 8 directions at the same time.

But, then maybe I can and just don’t know how to manage it yet.

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 In the arms of your spirit you will be carried. Trust your inspiration, trust your energy, trust your spirit.


You are the archer, the bow, the flying arrow and the target as well as the air you fly through. You are the many in one united by the flame of your spirit. Inhabit all your forms and bring them together in the bull’s eye’s red center.

Through the understanding of creative force you can shape your future constructing a path into the uncertain possibilities through imagination and inspiration. Now is the time to forge ahead with any plan that fills your sails and lifts you into your dreams.

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