Tarot #3: Science, the gleaming razor of reason guided by the pattern of the interconnected web of nature

6 of swords

Let us aim for the heart of truth.

Sharpening the swords of our intellect to cut away confusion and flabby fear with the light scalpel and gleaming razor of reason.

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We are all part of a web that contains all things. We must open our minds and our senses to find our way into inspired thought and discovery. We must not let ourselves be led by fear and blinded by hubris and narcissistic ambition. Only working with humble curiosity grounded in the desire to push back the veil of ignorance do we advance in peace and to benefit of all human beings. We are capable of creating a world where all people can thrive and reach their true potential.


We must be guided by the better angels of our nature in order to find the light.


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Now is a time for careful planning to make wise use of resources and skills, night is coming and land fades into the winter, but through resourceful and practical problem one can deal with the impending challenges.

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