Tarot #15: Princess/Page of Swords, fighting to keep things real and grounded.

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This one tames whirlwinds and bolts down the loose cannons when the ships starts to rock. This is the one who soothes the savage mob and calms the uneasy grumbling spirits with logic and common sense. This one will have none of your whining either.

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Dancer in the air and stirrer of thoughts, the Daughter comes in cleaning the corners making clouds of insight where stale and stayed thought persist. This is not the creation of chaos, but true order when all is settled and made practical. Ceaseless in motion, the Daughter moves from room to room, sifting and sorting until all has a purpose and is true to its calling.

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Endowed with the beginners mind, the page invents the story as it forms, imagines impossible outcomes and steers into the wind to greet them, resolute in speech and action with no fear, impartial to the hand of fate, boldly proceeding into the unknown.

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The princess straddles the line between tradition and invention using the practical knowledge that has been time tested and blending that which insight and reason provide. Representing the struggle between the past and the present as we move into the ever created future.

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A keen clever leader who steadies nerves unites the people in dark or dangerous times. fearless and wise, but not necessarily kind.

Related imageRepresenting the fixation of volatile elements, using intellect to contain clouds of chaos into peace, but not through compassion or empathy, this person is not above trickery, but mainly the use of sheer will of stone and hard won skill.

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The chess master of moods, storm whisperer, and tamer of unruly emotions. A seer of dangers or help at the edge of current knowledge, always looking for what is about to arrive.

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A clever manipulator, the Page will use skills and art rather than threats to obtain cooperation, but will fight fiercely if need be for a strongly held belief which will have been arrived at through experience or considerable study.

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