Tarot #15: Princess of Swords, fighting to keep things real and grounded.

Scan_20180824 (3)

She tames whirlwinds and bolts down the loose cannons when the ships starts to rock. She is the one who soothes the savage mob and calms the uneasy grumbling spirits with logic and common sense. She will have none of your whining either.

A keen clever leader who steadies nerves unites those in her charge in dark or dangerous times. She is fearless and wise, but not necessarily kind in her manner.

She represents the fixation of volatile elements, using intellect to contain clouds of chaos into peace, but not through compassion or empathy. She is not above trickery, but mainly the use of sheer will of stone and hard won skill.

She is the chess master of moods, storm whisperer, and tamer of unruly emotions.


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