A Little Compassion Goes a Long Way

People do these things and then turn around and complain how unfeeling and cruel people are to each other. Just be sure you treat other people and wild animals as kindly as you treat your pets. What if every time we bear the brunt of the unfeeling universe or the victim of our mostly near-sightedly cruel culture of money worship, we could ponder the little ways which we could work to create peace and kindness in the world. It may seem as if small kindnesses are insignificant against the massive amount of suffering in the world, but consider the lengths that you would go to care for a loved one or pet and how if everyone gave a little consideration to making the world better for all living things, how much we could accomplish. Even if you just lend your voice to defend the vulnerable beings that are so much more the victims of our use and dispose culture. Keep your eyes open to the connections between all living beings and maybe we can together be the builders of a world where everyone thrives.

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