Tarot #20: XIX: The Sun, the radiance that we share.

audreylovesparis:  “I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams.” Vincent Van Gogh - Le SoleilVincent Van Gogh

There is A Sun in Every Person


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To become aware of the power of belonging to a collaborative and cooperative community that radiates ripples of inspiration and creativity energizing people to grow and expand in ways that feed each other. Adding your singular light to a gathering wave of enlightenment. Leading by a compassionate example.

That which you are was never born and will never die; that is the insight rendered in terms of the solar mystery, the solar light.

Joseph Campbell, “Thou Art That”


An astronomical question. What would happen if God leaned down and gave you a full wet kiss? Hafiz doesn’t mind answering astronomical questions like that. You would surely start reciting all day, inebriated, rogue-poems like this.


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This is a time to examine and celebrate what is uniquely you and turn your life toward projects that reflect that as well as the uniquely individual nature of each person in your life and on earth as well as the commonality of the life’s journey through days and nights as seasons change around us.

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vyam_water7 by Subhash Vyam from “Water”

The Sun provides, with the help of the earth’s minerals and life forms, all our needs leading to to the symbol of collaboration and inspiration to create life and art and community. Nothing is done unsupported by a host of contributors. The independent being is a myth and the cause of so much destructive force in the world.

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https://www.google.no/search?q=yoshitaka tarotLove and Mystery Tarot by Yoshitaka Amano

Star Hole

I sit here
on the perfect end
of a star, watching light
pour itself toward

— Richard Brautigan

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