Tarot #19: Worry, the fear of change and loss


It is so easy to let the little day to day worries pile up in your thoughts, nagging paranoid thoughts about work or the future that drape over your spirit like heavy curtains blocking the sun. It is time to throw back the gathering gloom by peeling back the piled on nuisances replacing these with the thousand tiny graces that come unnoticed until we look for them in the corners and hidden under the gathering cob webs and dust. Yep! it’s time for a little mind clearing and window polishing to let the light shine in and out.

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You may be brooding over a loss of status or security or material wealth, have some looming potential loss on the horizon that is in a wait and see situation. The best thing you can do is figure out what is meaningful to fight for and focus on any positive ideas that come into view that can help shift the outcome or at least shift your mood to a lighter place. Something will come to pass and that will pass as well. There is only one moment transforming into another. From the moment we fall into this world, the only certain thing is change all else is illusion. Even well planned or so called certain destinations are subject to last minute adjustments, postponements and detours.

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Maybe your worries are like noisy moths making giant shadows on your walls, all sound and flurry signifying nothing in the end.

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When you are delighted with anything, be delighted as with a thing which is not one of those which cannot be taken away, but as something of such a kind, as an earthen pot is, or a glass cup, that, when it has been broken, you may remember what it was and may not be troubled… What you love is nothing of your own: it has been given to you for the present, not that it should not be taken from you, nor has it been given to you for all time, but as a fig is given to you or a bunch of grapes at the appointed season of the year. But if you wish for these things in winter, you are a fool. So if you wish for your son or friend when it is not allowed to you, you must know that you are wishing for a fig in winter.

From The Discourses by Epictetis


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