Tarot #31 : Valour, get up, stand up, stand up for your rights



Courage in the face of overwhelming opposition or a brave attempt to defend an unpopular position which you believe to be right. The rightness or wrongness of your position or the success or failure of your mission is not the point.

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You are the juggler with seven flaming batons in the air. These are the commitments you have taken on. You have to decide if you can handle more or if you already have too much on your hands.

Release the tiger! Let go of the leash and see what you can accomplish if you don’t hold back your emotional response and commit your body and soul to what you believe.

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Are you ready to personally stand up for what you believe in and the consequences of such an action physically, mentally and spiritually as well as the collateral effects on those close to you?



You are engaged in a conflict in which you face overwhelming opposition. It may be time to reexamine your position and reevaluate your situation. Either to push on to the end or salvage what you can in compromise or retreat. It may be time to survive and fight again another day.

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