Tarot #46: Ace of Swords, lead with the sharp edge and strike true with a steady hand

Clear headed reasoning will promote strong positive action.

ace of swords

This is a good time to make long and short range plans that rely on intellectual creativity or working through legal issues to move forward.

scan_20190106 (5)

Initiate a course of learning to move your life in a positive directions. You will be inspired to make connections that build your confidence in organizing and clearly communicating  your plans.

scan_20190106 (7)

When those around you succumb to emotion and reckless action, you can rely on your ability to manipulate systems and invent new ways of getting around road blocks that would frustrate others.

Image result for margarete petersen tarot

Extend your mind into the future and apply your mental capabilities to find resolutions for problems that have eluded you in the past. Trust your intuition, but give yourself time to check details as your ability to spot flaws in the structure of arguments and plans is key to the success of your project or overcoming the opposition.

Image result for ace of swords gill tarot

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