Tarot #45: Prince of Swords, creative intellect without roots

A person who has creative intelligence with no grounding in practical application and/or lacking life relationship building skills or has no interest in these. 

Prince of swords

You should examine your relationships with the people who are involved in your life to determine if you are allowing them to inhibit your creative endeavors.

p of swords

There is the possibility that your creative endeavors and projects have narrowed your point of view so much that you have alienated people who are close to you.

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You may have sacrificed or be in the process of sacrificing your human relationships for your intellectual pursuits and be focused on academic or artistic projects to the point of unbalance.

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You may need to use logic and reasoning in a creative way to resolve a problem in which emotional and physical ties are inhibiting you.

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You may need to focus on building skills that help you to make your creative work in a more manifest and interactive in the world.

Prince of Swords

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