Guitar Story Segment 13

Some things happened here which may provide illuminating incite into some of the character’s reaction to the situation and the placement of objects.

Letty found the guitar right where Roger said it would be, hanging on a branch well back in the bushes. She unhooked the strap form the branch, and as she turned back toward the road, she came to a sudden halt, her heart leaping and pounding at her throat almost certain she’d heard the crunching whisper of car tires on the road just beyond the fringe of brush. She froze trying to hear over the pounding pulse in her ears. With a jangled crash of hollow wood and buzzing strings, She realized that in her terror she had forgotten what she held in her hand. Letty lifted the guitar to her chest and ran. Her shoes seemed to be made of cement. She burst through the bushes into the meadow. The low black clouds made the world seem like a tunnel. She did not look back toward the road.

Other things happened in other places at the same time which may add further complications or resolutions to this scene.

Some more things will happen down here as a result of Letty’s actions and feelings and there may be possible responses by others which will clarify or complicate the situation.

Eventually there will be some kind of resolution perhaps the disappearance of a guitar or a trial of some kind. It is really not up to me at this point.

And who the hell is Roger, anyway!?

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