Tarot Journal #14: The Fool and The Star

Stepping Deeper: Renewing a Sense of Wonder

These recent days are filled with dramatic changes in weather. The sky is always doing something and the wind is always busy from gentle breeze to gusts of sideways rain, mirroring some dramatic shifts in my thinking and acting. I have decided that I must double down on my commitment to finding a path that includes wonder and challenge. I have been very consistent in my new practices of meditation and Tai Chi which has helped to keep me grounded in the present, but so far I have been moving passively through my days keeping my mind open to possibilities. The next step is to move into moments with my heart open as well, challenging myself to connect more deeply to the people in my life. I have begun to contact my family and friends and renew active relationships with them. I am releasing myself from the fear and anger that have possessed me. As the Fool goes deeper the stars will dance and the light will guide me on.

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