Tarot Journal #24: 8 of Cups (Indolence)/Ten of Cups

A Time of Proactivity and Procrastination

I have reached a point where I am waiting for the right time to implement plans for moving and waiting for my family to make vacation plans so I can join them, if it fits in with the moving thing. But I have to admit that some of this hesitation is due to the immense undertaking of moving after such a protracted time in which my life has been stable and centered mostly for the purpose of recovery. I know I have to move. I am actually looking forward to being in a cheaper apartment, but it brings out a lot of fear-based disaster fortune-telling, thinking that freezes me into procrastination. These 2 cards are perfect representations of the 2 extremes of the mental continuum I am sliding to and fro on at this time: from anxious procrastination limiting proactive behavior to calm and centered preparation.

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