Tarot Journal #34: Three of Pentacles/X The Wheel of Fortune/Eight of Cups (Indolence)

Sometimes the Best Action is To Do Nothing

Hard work does not always pay off in the end even if done with intelligence and devoted energy and enthusiasm. Avoidance and denial do not always produce difficult circumstances or leave a person stranded in an untenable situation. It is often random events or action or inaction of people outside your sphere of influence that will bring an unlooked-for outcome or dire emergent crisis. Sometimes it is best to wait and see before investing huge amounts of energy into solving a problem that may or may not manifest. Sometimes swift and energetic action in the present can save a lot of trouble later on.

when I can’t engage a problem head-on immediately, I feel it is good to work on the problems that can be handled step by step, keeping in mind whatever unworkable projects are lurking in the shadows, looking for openings to mitigate the possible consequences of inaction. Everybody has a limited amount of energy and time to resolve issues in their life. So, sometimes you just have to allow what will resolve on its own to do so while being vigilant for opportunities to act to shift the resolution in a more positive way. There are some things that can’t be forced to a close. The trick is to remain aware of possible problems without wasting resources on them to no avail.

I have been spending the last year of my life navigating through many such situations and yet, I find myself overthinking things that I can do nothing about and procrastinating on planning, scheduling, and organizing for events I know have to happen and will take too much effort to leave it all to the last minute. Thus this reading that looks for a balance between unnecessary busyness and avoidance. I am coming down the last days before moving and everything looks like it will work out just fine, but there are still many pieces to put into place and details to clarify. I know that fortune will play a hand as well. I must remain vigilant for potential problems and opportunities as they present themselves as well as let go of the feeling that I can control events or people to the point that I can expect any outcome with certainty. At some point where I end up will be what it is and I will have new opportunities and problems to deal with. Being alive is like that.

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