Tarot Journal #35: 10 of Swords/6 of Swords (Science)

An Experiment in the Relativity of Emotional Space/Time

For the last 8 months, I have been preparing to leave this place that housed my life with Berta, 5 years of chaotic relationship which was always on the cusp of crisis. I never knew Berta when she wasn’t in the active process of slipping out of this life. But one thing that was always certain, we always tried our best to take care of each other. She had a harder time taking care of herself, so I had to do that as well as I could. All the chaos and drama have been over now for a few months and I have been preparing to take the final step away from our life together. Berta remains firmly installed and interconnected with who I am now and I have been very focused on moving through the exit, taking what I need and discarding what is superficial. Each day of this process I feel the lightening of the load of attachment. Letting go is a process of focusing and organizing. My physical life will be lived in a smaller space, but I leave with an expanded heart that will fit anywhere. Berta gave me her big open heart to carry on, and now that my mind is finally clearing of the burden of my past life, it makes all my other burdens a little lighter. I will take what will help me expand my life into a new space big enough for whoever would like to share it. A small room can contain whatever will fit into a heart and mind that lives there.

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