Tarot Journal #40: Princess of Wands/ Three of Feathers

There is Nothing Either Good or Bad but Thinking Makes It So. 

“ I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space”

This weekend I have been in a frenzy of activity and dust devil of thought, wishing I was already moved out of this space of endings. I had some larger items carried away and began organizing and cleaning out closets, but it is still a month until I move. Waiting is sometimes the hardest activity when everything must play out in its own time. It can become a blank slate for fears to make shadow plays upon if I am not focused on keeping myself present and moving in each moment, what small wonders I might miss.

So I watched Benedict Cumberbatch play Hamlet thinking it would be a distraction since nothing tragic is occurring in my world just a little heeby jeebies. Turns out it was a great way to think of things in a new way. The language of the play is poetry and put my mind in that alternate state that poetry does. And, the problems are all so overwhelming that they make what I am experiencing seem pleasant in comparison. Being thrown about in this maelstrom of a play made me pay attention to my thinking in a more detached manner. Taking me out so I could look in. I am so calm now as if I had Shakespear for a therapist to help me wring the goblins from my mind with beautiful impassioned speeches about death and grief and how impatience can lead to a lot of problems. A Lot of Problems. Horatio is the only one who makes it out alive and he will be scarred for life. And, poor Fortinbrass is left to clean up the mess. I will be trying to focus on living my life well until I move and maybe not make any messes I have to clean up before I leave.

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