Tarot Journal #51: II The High Priestess/ III The Empress/Five of Wands (Strife)/ Knight of Wands/10 of Wands (Oppression)/ Four of Feathers

All Moved Out /Almost Moved In

Today I go to my old apartment to wipe down the drawers and cabinets, replace light bulbs and break down unused boxes. I have a few odd items to retrieve and dispose of, but the drama and trauma, and hard work are mostly done. I can’t remember doing anything more physically difficult than the last 2 weeks of moving as well as taking most of my mental energy staying focused, using problem-solving skills, and strategies keeping the labor to a manageable level. Even so, I am exhausted and by tomorrow night I will be done and ready to focus on setting up my new home. It seems to be coming together well already.

This week has been all about getting rid of things that do not fit into my life and making room for some new things whatever they might be. And also hopefully making it easier to move next time, less stuff less work. I have all the things I want to keep and they seem to fit. I have a feeling I could give up some more of my things, and I would not miss them much at all. I am still hanging on to a few things that remind me of people I love, but I will remember them without the souvenirs. I moved a lot of art supplies that I should have used by now. I have been busy with other things. I will make space for making art, writing, and music, more music sounds really nice.

There will be a few days of rest before I begin setting up my spaces and oh, yes there is always my job. I love working as a physical therapist. It keeps me busy in the world helping people. It will be good to just do that for a few days.

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