Cannibal Coop Community: It can work.

In Texas, 12 species of normally cannibalistic spiders have banded together to create a 200 foot web over a pond rife with mosquitoes. They are sharing anchor lines and showing signs of prosperity. Entomologists have rushed to study this outrageous behavior. So much cooperation in a state known for its rampant individualism. And, 12 different species! we, humans, seem to have trouble getting along and we are all one species.
If spiders can live together, it seems a social species like us could do a little better. I guess if we all had what we needed it would work. Spiders have simpler needs and desires.

The spiders around here are covering every gap with webs. You can’t walk without running into them early in the morning. There are no cooperatives yet. Just the usual neighbor eat neighbor communities, but I am keeping an eye out for deviant behavior.

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