Some Nice Things That Happened In Class Today

  1. A child in my class pointed to another child who she had been playing with for about 20 minutes and said, “I love him.” Now to a four year old this is not a big commitment just a efusive feeling of momentary good feeling.
  2. A conversation I had with a child: Child “I want some honey.” Me “Why do you want honey.” Child “I’m hungry.” Me “We will eat lunch in 10 minutes. First you need to go out so that I can wash the tables and get ready.” Child “I don’t want to go out. I want peanut butter.” Me “We don’t have peanut butter.” she looked shocked. “Do you have jelly?” Me “No and no honey either.” again shock. “Then how do we make sandwiches?” Me “We have macaroni and cheese today.” she summoned up all her patience and sighed (teachers are really dense sometimes) “Well, that is not sandwiches.” She turned in disgust and went outside.
  3. There were no injuries, major assaults and no one threw up or had an accident.
  4. The child that took all things out in housekeeping (our resident dump and run expert) actually helped to clean up.
  5. The rain stopped so we could go outside. We haven’t quite got our rainy day schedule completely worked out yet. Things could get complicated. I’m sure it will all be OK, but give us a couple of weeks please.
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