The Righteous and the Sinners

Mass religion often confuses and annoys me, but this man seems to be the real deal when it comes to following the messages of Jesus Christ. Love and mercy are his guides. That seems right to me.

Great Middle Way

Jorge-Mario-Bergoglio“We know that no religion is immune from forms of individual delusion or ideological extremism. This means that we must be especially attentive to every type of fundamentalism, whether religious or of any other kind.

“A delicate balance is required to combat violence perpetrated in the name of a religion, an ideology, or an economic system, while also safeguarding religious freedom, intellectual freedom, and individual freedoms.

“There is another temptation against which we must be especially on guard: the simplistic reductionism which sees only good or evil; or, if you will, the righteous and the sinners. The contemporary world, with its open wounds which affect so many of our brothers and sisters, demands that we confront every form of polarization which would divide it into these two camps.”

―Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, HH Pope Francis

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