Tarot #13: XVI The Tower, break on through to the Other Side

tower 2.jpg

Break down the fortress of thine individual

Self, that thy Truth may spring free from the


Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth

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The Eye of Shiva is Upon You

File:WLANL - 23dingenvoormusea - Shiva Nataraja.jpg


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You have the power to break through imprisoning walls, making doorways into new possibilities or the power to destroy for destruction’s sake either way involves risk. The collapsing walls leave you open to the world or may bring a shower of stones upon your head, but life without risk is a prison of your own making. Destruction leaves space for creation as creation contains the destruction of what came before. The world is built upon layers of growth and devastation. In order to build anew the old structures must be cleared, the ground made ready for the seeds of what will be.




Tabula Mundi - 16 - Башня - Школа Лизы Чёрной | Школа Лизы Чёрной



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